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-====== Search and Navigation in the hybris Commerce Accelerator - Key Concepts and Features ====== 
-The accelerators comes integrated with the Solr Search Engine. 
-===== Key Concepts ====== 
-  * It uses the default configuration of the **solrfacetsearch** extension. 
-    * **ValueProvider**: Returns the item -usually a model- which is going to be indexed. For example: the approved products. 
-    * **SolrIndexedProperty**: Each of the fields which is going to be indexed. It has a fieldValueProvider. For example: The code and description of the product. 
-      * **DisplayName**: This a localized atribute and contains the name of the property to show in the frontend. 
-    * **FieldValueProvider**: Returns the value of a field which is going to be indexed. For example: It calculates the price which is going to be stored in the Solr Index. 
-    * **Facets**: Property used to filter the results of Solr. 
-      * **SolrValueRange**: It groups the possible values of a solrIndexedProperty under a label. For example: "€ 10-19" groups all the prices between EUR 10.0 and 19.99. It is used with facets. 
-      * **SolrValueRangeSet**: It contains many SolrValueRanges. It used by SolrIndexedProperties which are multivalued. 
-  * The **commerceservices** extension extends solrfacetsearch 
-  * **productSearchService** exposes methods to search products or other business objects. 
-  * **productSearchFacade** does the same but it returns ProductData 
-    * The **seachStateData** is used to initiated the search. 
-    * The **productSearchPageData** contains the query, the products, the paging information, available sorts and the applied filters (search breadcrumbs) and facets and available facets. 
-  * **The solr index must only include purchasable products.** If you filter the returned products, the totals returned by Solr will be wrong. 
-<WRAP center round tip> 
-To improve the performance, the Solr documents must include all the attributes required to build the product data object of an object. If you are using a search engine, there is no advantage on using it, if you look for values on the database after you get the data from the search engine. 
-===== Key Features ====== 
-  * Search by **category** or using a **free text** 
-  * **Full or incremental indexing** 
-  * **Multiply categories hierarchies** (Product Categories, Brands and Classification). A implementation of CategorySource must be developed. 
-  * **Ordering of results**. Due to the Solr internal paging, a manual ordering won't work. 
-    * By Relevance (Solr Score) 
-  * Localizable names. priority, sorting and muti-select for facets. 
-  * Links to the classification attributes 
-  * **Category Facets** which are treated different as normal facets 
-  * **SearchPageController/CategoryPageController** 
-    * They initiate and continues a search. 
-    * It uses bookmarkeable URLs 
-    * Loads the appropriate CMS Page 
-  * Based on the **solrfacetsearch** 
-    * It uses the multi-core mode to allow an index for each Hybris type. 
-    * **SearchQueryPostProcessors** and **SearchResultPostProcessors** can be defined 
-    * **Keyword Redirect:** It enables to send the user to a URL or product when he enters some keyword. 
-    * **Stopword:** It's a word which is not going to be indexed, for example, in English, "the", "a" and "in" are stopwords. 
-===== Further Reading ====== 
-[[|Steps to add a field to the solr index and then make it available in the frontend]] 
-[[|Steps to add a facet to the solr index]] 
---Based on Hybris 6.1