Every framework has limitations. For example: Spring doesn't allow parameters in look up methods. This was a design decision. Hybris is also a framework and here are some of the do's and don't from it.

Hybris' persistence mechanism


  • Hybris kills the thread running the cronjob. This means that the code in a finally block may not run. This case was discovered in production after creating a lock mechanism to prevent two cronjobs running at the same time.


  • ant yunitinit doesn't create the essential data nor imports the project data. If you need this, you could use Areco Deployment Script Manager which does this after the execution of the yunitinit.

Export with Impex

  • Hybris only exports the persistent attributes. Attributes with dynamic handlers aren't exported and no warning is shown. If you want to export the derived value, you have to write a custom translator.

Based on Hybris 4.8.17

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