Every framework has limitations. For example: Spring doesn't allow parameters in look up methods. This was a design decision. Hybris is also a framework and here are some of the do's and don't from it.

Since I started working on Hybris projects in October 2010, I used Eclipse IDE. This is the IDE recommended by Hybris and it was the only one which I had used on Java projects until that point in my career. On March 2014 I joined a Hybris project where each developer used it own favorite IDE: while the majority used Eclipse, our Continuous Integration experts used Intellij IDEA and two senior developers used Netbeans. Crashes and refresh issues have always upset me about Eclipse. So after listening to the advantages of the other IDEs, I decided to give Intellij IDEA a try because its supporters were more convincing. Although the use of an IDEA is a matter of taste, I hope you find useful to read about my experience.

Now I am using Intellij IDEA 15 Community Edition at work since July 2014.

In most of the projects there is a requirement to differentiate the servers by colour. This helps to prevent that a customer makes changes on the wrong system. Although Hybris doesn't offer this functionality out-of-the-box, it can be easily implemented.

Now this project is hosted on Sourceforge: