To develop a new CMS component in Hybris 4.x depending of its complexity you must do some of these steps.

It enables the customer to manage pages and content of multichannel-websites like banners, text, images, product carousels and other components. Marketing campaigns may be integrated in the website by setting the conditions for the visibility of components and pages.

If your project requires custom rules for the visibility of CMS components, you must create your own type of CMS restrictions. 

When a CMS Component contains other components, it is a requirement that any changes of the childrens, the synchronization of the parent trigger. It is difficult to get this right, as there are limitations on the identification of changes on the WCMS. This is what has worked for me.

A common complain of the users which edit content using the CMS Cockpit is that the synchronisation stops working quite often. During the last two months I solved around thirty seven cases and found sixteen different causes of sync errors. This is a summary of the categories of errors and tips or measures to prevent them.